Annual General Meeting

Previous Annual General Meeting Minutes

For those who do not know, this is where the club discusses and votes upon how the club is going to be run over the course of the follow year. This covers everything from training and match fees to the election of officers to the committee. The annual general meeting is held in May, traditionally in the Astrobar. Club members will be informed by email once the date of the AGM has been confirmed each year.

The club committee are those members responsible for the day to day running of the club. They meet monthly throughout the season to discuss any issues, organise events and ensure the smooth running of the club. We are always looking to expand the committee as too much has fallen on the shoulders of too few people for a number of years. The club is looking for members to step up and volunteer to help with the running of the club.

With that in mind please take a look at the list of club roles outlined below, the people currently filling that position, and whether they are willing to continue to do so into the next season. If you are interested in putting yourself forward for any of the roles please make yourself known to a member of the current committee and attend the AGM.

IMPORTANT: Just because someone is already willing to fulfil a role on the committee should not discourage anyone from putting themselves forwards. In the instance of more than one volunteer for a position there will be a vote at the AGM. Alternatively, it may be possible to share a role between more than one volunteer.

Additionally, there are roles that are quite involved which may benefit from assistants willing to learn the role with a view to taking it on in the future. So as above, please not only consider what you are willing to do now but what you may be willing to do in the future.

PositionCurrent OfficerStanding Again (Y/N)Nominations / Volunters (Y/N)
PresidentGeorge SteadmanYn/a
ChairmanSteve SeymourYN
Vice-ChairmanDavid SeymourYN
Vice-ChairwomanEmily TokeloveYN
SecretaryRuth CullenYN
TreasurerSteve SeymourYN
Welfare / DBS OfficerCath ConwayYN
Development OfficerGary JohnsonYN
Social SecretaryEmily TokeloveYN
Marketing / Web OfficerNick BennettYN
Sponsorship CoordinatorTim BurtonNew Positionn/a
Umpiring Liaison OfficerNick FooteYN
Fixtures SecretaryDavid SeymourYN
Youth CoordinatorCath ConwayNTBC
Head Coach (Juniors)Jason HuntYN
Masters / Vets CoordinatorSteve SeymourYN
Men’s 1st XI CaptainAntonio Garcia BarkerNTim Burton
Ladies’ 1st XI CaptainTamsin RoarkNJess Wood
Men’s 2nd XI CaptainDick BeeNNick Foote
Ladies’ 2nd XI Captainn/aNY
Men’s 1st XI Vice-CaptainJames HarrisYN
Ladies’ 1st XI Vice-CaptainEmily TokeloveNCharlotte Helliwell
Ladie’s 1st XI Vice-CaptainEmma BennettNn/a
Men’s 2nd XI Vice-CaptainSteve SeymourYN

We encourage as many people as possible to attend the AGM regardless of whether or not they are putting themselves forwards for a role as this is where you are best able to have your say on how the club will run over the course of the next year.

If you have any questions please contact the club and we will do our best to answer.