Ladies 1st XI Vs City of Peterborough 3rd XI

Date 19 January 2019
Team Ladies 1st XI
Opposition City of Peterborough 3rd XI
Fixture Home
Venue Horncastle Hockey Club - Astroturf Pitch
Start time 11:30
Result W 2 - 1
Time played
Match Report

Horncastle 1’s v Peterborough 3’s The game began with Peterborough having the first push back. They immediately pushed forward and horncastle fought to gain possession of the ball. After an intense battle with possession of the ball switching between the two teams. Horncastle won possession, with Williams picking up the ball and sending a strong pass to the penalty spot. Wood collected the ball and with a strong push, planted the ball in the bottom left corner. With renewed energy, horncastle reset but Peterborough had also done the same. Not long after horncastle’s first goal, Peterborough attacked. With quick, fluent passes they broke through Horncastle’s defence and scored a goal. The first half ending with a score of 1:1 Second half started and at first played out much the same as the first half with both teams battling for possession and for the leading goal. However it was Horncastle that dented the opposing defence. With Esterhuizen, receiving the ball and dribbling past Peterborough defenders and pushing the ball into the bottom right corner. Giving horncastle the lead. The rest of the second half was split between Peterborough and Horncastle attacking in the opposing half’s. However, the rest of the game saw no more goals scored for either side. With the final whistle blowing, and setting the score at 2:1. A win for Horncastle Ladies first team. Player of the Match - Laura Neame

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