Mens 1st XI Vs Bourne Deeping 2

Date 26 November 2016
Team Mens 1st XI
Opposition Bourne Deeping 2
Fixture Home
Venue Horncastle Hockey Club - Astroturf Pitch
Start time 13:00
Result W 5 - 0
Time played Normal time
Scorers Former member (2), Dick Bee (1), Member not found (1)
Match Report

Horncastle hosted Bourne Deeping 2s today and were hoping to return to their winning ways following a disappointing defeat to Cambridge City Vets last week.

Despite the enthusiasm to return back to the fine form that had lead them to an incredible winning streak, Horncastle started the game very slowly and struggled to find their usual fast tempo of passing and moving. Luckily, Bourne had also failed to get into a set rhythm and neither side managed to put any pressure on the opponent’s goals. With no significant chances for either team in the first half, the match whistle blew for 0-0 at half time, much to Horncastle’s frustration.

A quick team talk during the break seemed to spur the Horncastle team on with some fantastic pressing play from everyone, stumping any attacking play Bourne had. A quick break for Horncastle from a 16 eventually lead to a short corner, Horncastle’s first of the game. Dave Seymour injected to stopper, Rob Scott, for Cam Foster to run onto which he neatly drag flicked into the bottom centre of the goal. Finally, Horncastle had caught the break they were after.

Bourne seemed to try and absorb the influx of attacks that Horncastle threw forward after the first goal had gone in, however, a breakdown in communication gave away another short, which Foster once again placed just right of the left hand post man and into the back of the net.

The breakdown in communication ultimately seemed to be Bourne’s downfall, team members were getting visibally frustrated with each other and another miscommunication lead to an easy tap into the centre of the goal for Dick Bee. As soon as Bourne restarted the game, Horncastle quickly won back posession following a fantastic pick from centre back and a very well deserved Man of the Match, Sam Bradley, who then made a darting run from defence the length of the pitch and slotted the ball away past the onrushing keeper.

Bourne were now tired and frustrated and this showed when Connor Brook picked the ball up on the right hand wing, beat every player across to the left hand side of the D and then once again showed the sublime skills to get himself to the centre of the D, where he smashed the ball into the back of the net.

One more fixture remains before the Christmas break, with Horncastle hosting St Ives 1s. With a 2 point lead over St Ives, Horncastle will want nothing less than a win to be able to break out the Top of the League bauble for the Christmas Tree.

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Dick Bee 1
Robert Scott
David Seymour